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Learning To Fly Fish

As a professional fly fishing guide, I have the opportunity to see people learning to fly fish every day over and over again.  One thing I noticed that is ironic is that lots of people hire me to guide them and then refuse to listen.  I mean really listen.  They insist that what they know [...]

The Best Fly Fishing Story Ever!

For entertainment only! Written By: Mikayla Ashby One day my friend and I decided we wanted to go trout fishing in Utah with the best Utah fishing guides in Utah.  So, here is the story!  We were just sitting around looking at fly fishing guides on The Best Search Engine, Google, and we picked the [...]

Utah – Blacksmith River

Soon to Come….

Fly Fishing Is An Old Way To Meet Great People

When a person is fly fishing, and a fish is on the end of the line, their senses are heightened and I have noticed they are happy, friendly and kind. My warning is if you are going to be out fishing, people are going to be nice, so don’t go out unless you can handle [...]