Learning To Fly Fish

As a professional fly fishing guide, I have the opportunity to see people learning to fly fish every day over and over again.  One thing I noticed that is ironic is that lots of people hire me to guide them and then refuse to listen.  I mean really listen.  They insist that what they know (which is very limited, due to their inexperience) is the right or only way.  I am only pointing this out because I am sure in a way we are all a little too hard headed in areas that we do not have any expertise.

Today, one of my clients who was trout fishing Utah doubted herself until she actually landed a fish.  I kept telling her the secret of setting the hook on even the slitest indicator movement, she kept pointing out to me that she kept setting on rocks.  I agreed with her, nine out of ten times it is going to be a rock, but it is worth setting for the one time it is indeed a fish.  It was fun to see her set when I told her too.  As I told her to set I was listening to her point out that she was just setting on another rock.  Whats even funnier is that when she was bringing in the trout she still insisted that is wasn’t even a fish.  I even had to convince her to keep reeling until she saw the fish.

Until she landed the trout she couldn’t believe…I felt like I was around a doubting thomas.  I sure was proud of her, it was the first fish she landed in the past three years of fly fishing (she later caught a total of three today).

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