The Best Fly Fishing Story Ever!

For entertainment only!

Written By: Mikayla Ashby

One day my friend and I decided we wanted to go trout fishing in Utah with the best Utah fishing guides in Utah.  So, here is the story!  We were just sitting around looking at fly fishing guides on The Best Search Engine, Google, and we picked the first one.  They had the best prices so we called up the guy who started it and his name was Justin.  He said that we made the right choice for choosing the Utah Fly Fishing.  Another thing he said was I will take you out on the Provo River!  We told him to send us the information I gave him my email.  He immediately gave us a great e-mail and we booked a full day trip with him later that day.

We set the date and time for the trip and were willing to pay the $230 per person for the full day trip.   Also, it said everything would be taken care of, such as the rods, waders, ect.  He was very organized, it was awesome.

The day came and we got ready.  We drove down to the Provo River.  Our guide was there, and he introduced himself and was really nice and I very impressed with him.  We started out with no luck.  Later on we each caught 5 fish a piece.  We got amazing drinks and snacks…..mmmm  At the end of the day my friend caught 9 and I caught 12 because, I think it was cause I have gone fly fishing before.  She had never gone so it was amazing that she caught that many.  He was a great teacher.  He taught me a lot of cool tricks on how to catch fish.  P.S.  I was a returning customer.  In the end itcost us $500 because of the tip!  We got a great deal and an amazing experiences.  I will always remember them and that day.  Thank you so much for an amazing day Utah Fly Fishing!

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