Park City Fly Fishing Professionals

You are standing in the cool, clear river where the only distraction is the sound of water and birds.  Your professional fly fishing guide has taken you to his “secret” spot.  You gently yet forcefully cast a fly up stream and wait in anticipation as it gracefully rides the river.   Your prior non-guide fly fishing experiences have been less than productive.  Such prior discouragement has given you high hopes and low expectations.  You think that maybe there are no hungry fish here when suddenly a large Brown Trout rises majestically to the surface and attacks your fly.  The adrenaline kicks in when you set the hook and your fly rod bends to the point of almost breaking from tension.  All of the concerns of life disappear as you concentrate on one thing: landing this fish!  Your guide is waiting patiently with a net as you battle and the picture worthy grin appears to be permanently affixed to your face as the fish is placed in the net.  The momentarily single experience is the highlight of your day.  You are content with calling it good after that until your guide says, “let’s catch another!”

Fly fishing is our passion.  It is much more to us than a method, hobby or sport.  Our objective is to share this passion with others.  Our commitment is to make it the most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible.

Fly fishing is a challenge.  There are many components to a successful trip. We have spent many years studying and researching local fish habitats and their food source.  The rivers are dynamic and change from one hour to the next.  It is our job as guides to do the research to make the most of your time.

We can arrange transportation to the river where all of the gear will be available.  You don’t have to worry about boots, wader, rods, reels, fly line, or even flies.  You simply bring yourself.

We adapt each trip to the skill level of the participant.  We are master teachers and take pride in our proven ability to teach all skill levels from the beginner to the expert.  We have guided small single groups to large company parties.

The guide is with you every step of the way.  He is well prepared with snacks and beverages.  His primary concern to make sure you are comfortable and experiencing the time of your life.

With a 98% catch rate, we are confident in our guarantee to you:  no fish, no pay, no kidding!

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