Fly Fishing Rivers

If you are looking to start fly fishing rivers.  Might I suggest a couple websites: – If you fish in Utah, this is the best “up to date fly fishing report for the Provo River” I’ve ever seen. – Hopefully you will start learning how to tie flies, if so…you will love the simplicity that Gilbert does to tie theseflies.

Good luck fly fishing the rivers near you!

Does anyone know why a trout has this on it?

Take a look at this picture, any comments on what the heck is on this fish?

I caught this while trout fishing Utah.  Looking forward to hearing your comments.

Learn How To Fly Fish – Fly Fishing Basics

The other day me and my guide were fly fishing and I recorded this little video trying to give some fly fishing river tips. We hope this teaches you more about learning to fly fish.

If you live in Utah or will be trout fishing Utah and are looking for report information check the following website:

Park City Fly Fishing Professionals

You are standing in the cool, clear river where the only distraction is the sound of water and birds.  Your professional fly fishing guide has taken you to his “secret” spot.  You gently yet forcefully cast a fly up stream and wait in anticipation as it gracefully rides the river.   Your prior non-guide fly fishing experiences have been less than productive.  Such prior discouragement has given you high hopes and low expectations.  You think that maybe there are no hungry fish here when suddenly a large Brown Trout rises majestically to the surface and attacks your fly.  The adrenaline kicks in when you set the hook and your fly rod bends to the point of almost breaking from tension.  All of the concerns of life disappear as you concentrate on one thing: landing this fish!  Your guide is waiting patiently with a net as you battle and the picture worthy grin appears to be permanently affixed to your face as the fish is placed in the net.  The momentarily single experience is the highlight of your day.  You are content with calling it good after that until your guide says, “let’s catch another!”

Fly fishing is our passion.  It is much more to us than a method, hobby or sport.  Our objective is to share this passion with others.  Our commitment is to make it the most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible.

Fly fishing is a challenge.  There are many components to a successful trip. We have spent many years studying and researching local fish habitats and their food source.  The rivers are dynamic and change from one hour to the next.  It is our job as guides to do the research to make the most of your time.

We can arrange transportation to the river where all of the gear will be available.  You don’t have to worry about boots, wader, rods, reels, fly line, or even flies.  You simply bring yourself.

We adapt each trip to the skill level of the participant.  We are master teachers and take pride in our proven ability to teach all skill levels from the beginner to the expert.  We have guided small single groups to large company parties.

The guide is with you every step of the way.  He is well prepared with snacks and beverages.  His primary concern to make sure you are comfortable and experiencing the time of your life.

With a 98% catch rate, we are confident in our guarantee to you:  no fish, no pay, no kidding!

Learning To Fly Fish

As a professional fly fishing guide, I have the opportunity to see people learning to fly fish every day over and over again.  One thing I noticed that is ironic is that lots of people hire me to guide them and then refuse to listen.  I mean really listen.  They insist that what they know (which is very limited, due to their inexperience) is the right or only way.  I am only pointing this out because I am sure in a way we are all a little too hard headed in areas that we do not have any expertise.

Today, one of my clients who was trout fishing Utah doubted herself until she actually landed a fish.  I kept telling her the secret of setting the hook on even the slitest indicator movement, she kept pointing out to me that she kept setting on rocks.  I agreed with her, nine out of ten times it is going to be a rock, but it is worth setting for the one time it is indeed a fish.  It was fun to see her set when I told her too.  As I told her to set I was listening to her point out that she was just setting on another rock.  Whats even funnier is that when she was bringing in the trout she still insisted that is wasn’t even a fish.  I even had to convince her to keep reeling until she saw the fish.

Until she landed the trout she couldn’t believe…I felt like I was around a doubting thomas.  I sure was proud of her, it was the first fish she landed in the past three years of fly fishing (she later caught a total of three today).

If you have a fly fishing story you would like us to post, please e-mail it to

The Best Fly Fishing Story Ever!

For entertainment only!

Written By: Mikayla Ashby

One day my friend and I decided we wanted to go trout fishing in Utah with the best Utah fishing guides in Utah.  So, here is the story!  We were just sitting around looking at fly fishing guides on The Best Search Engine, Google, and we picked the first one.  They had the best prices so we called up the guy who started it and his name was Justin.  He said that we made the right choice for choosing the Utah Fly Fishing.  Another thing he said was I will take you out on the Provo River!  We told him to send us the information I gave him my email.  He immediately gave us a great e-mail and we booked a full day trip with him later that day.

We set the date and time for the trip and were willing to pay the $230 per person for the full day trip.   Also, it said everything would be taken care of, such as the rods, waders, ect.  He was very organized, it was awesome.

The day came and we got ready.  We drove down to the Provo River.  Our guide was there, and he introduced himself and was really nice and I very impressed with him.  We started out with no luck.  Later on we each caught 5 fish a piece.  We got amazing drinks and snacks…..mmmm  At the end of the day my friend caught 9 and I caught 12 because, I think it was cause I have gone fly fishing before.  She had never gone so it was amazing that she caught that many.  He was a great teacher.  He taught me a lot of cool tricks on how to catch fish.  P.S.  I was a returning customer.  In the end itcost us $500 because of the tip!  We got a great deal and an amazing experiences.  I will always remember them and that day.  Thank you so much for an amazing day Utah Fly Fishing!

Utah – Blacksmith River

Soon to Come….

Fly Fishing Is An Old Way To Meet Great People

When a person is fly fishing, and a fish is on the end of the line, their senses are heightened and I have noticed they are happy, friendly and kind.

My warning is if you are going to be out fishing, people are going to be nice, so don’t go out unless you can handle it…It’s a great place to Meet Great People.

Learn About Sow Bugs

I was looking for a good Sow Bug pattern today and I found one at

The fly tying article below was the best Sow Bug pattern I found and gives great instructions too, ENJOY the: Rainbow Sow Bug!

Rainbow Sow Bug

Sow bugs (Isopoda) are not found in every river, but when they are present you can bet the fish love them. The rainbow sow bug is my favorite variation, and has produced very well for me on every river I fish that is home to sow bugs. This is a simple pattern that has only a few steps and materials involved. Don’t let the simpleness of this pattern fool you. Tie, try, and simplify your ways of catching fish with sow bugs.

….to get the full instructions click: Fly Tying Article

Find A Fly Fishing Guide In Park City Utah

Find A Fly Fishing Guide In Park City Utah

If you are trying to find a fly fishing guide in park city utah you will notice that there are some good guides and some bad ones. So how do you choose a good utah fly fishing guide?  The same way you pick any asset you choose.  First, you should do your due dillegence by calling the guide and asking him:

1) How many fish did your client catch today?

2) Are you confident that I will catch fish…confident enough to guarantee it?

3) When does the Green Drake Hatch start on the Provo River? (all good guides will know)

You should recieve the following:

1) At least 2 fish each

2) Yes, if you don’t we will refund your money.

3) The anwer is the end of June.